Find the best monitor for you.

Samsung, LG, ASUS, Dell or AOC? Who supplies the best monitor?

You’ve finished putting together your PC, but you’re still missing the right monitor? Or do you want to expand your set-up with another or better monitor? Then you’ve come to the right place, especially if the many names and models confuse you when buying.

Working or playing on the PC has become part of everyday life for many people. With the increasing possibility of working from home, a correspondingly efficiently furnished workstation in the home office is becoming more and more important, and a good gaming setup belongs on every gamer’s desk anyway. Monitors are especially important here, because without this component, no content can be displayed that the best computer in the world produces. Of course, it should also be said here that a high-end monitor only works in conjunction with a corresponding PC and everything should be coordinated.

Every manufacturer offers different models and often all areas are served. Of course, some brands are predestined to produce special gaming monitors, such as Asus Republic of Gamers. But LG also supplies wonderful gaming monitors with its UltraGear series that make every gamer’s heart beat faster. Even brands like Samsung or Dell, which you might know more from the office, offer high-quality monitors for other areas. Acer is also known for a wide variety of computer hardware and gaming monitors that have a well-deserved place on desktops at home.

Which monitor is the right one for me?

Many factors determine which monitor is the right one for you. But first of all, there is the general question of what you want to do with the monitor. We have divided our lists into three basic categories, because a photographer has completely different needs for a good monitor than a passionate gamer. However, if you only need a monitor for your home office, a standard device is usually enough.

You can find the best selection in our best list and if you have always wondered why a refresh rate or a response time is so important, then take a look at our lexicon where we have explained some common terms.