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Acer - From high-end laptops to gaming monitors

The Taiwanese company Acer has been supplying great laptops, printers, as well as various computer accessories for years. The monitors are especially popular with gamers with their Nitro and Predator series, which aim for performance and speed. However, business monitors and affordable alternatives also shine with quality and durability.

Especially the Predator and Nitro series are a hit with gamers because they are not only high-quality, but also deliver exactly the values that gamers need. A fast response time, a high Hertz number, as well as HDR, FreeSync and G-Sync support. We put together the best Acer monitors at a glance for you.

Acer X27
The perfect window into your game world

Refresh rate
120 Hz
Response time
  • Designed for gaming
  • Fast refresh rates
  • Nvidia G-Sync compatible
  • Gaming mode
  • Low contrast ratio

Acer’s Predator gaming series focuses on speed, an excellent sharpness, and impressive color intensity. Therefore, the response time of the Predator models also ranges between 1ms and 4ms depending on the model, and there the higher value is still an incredibly good top value. The refresh rate is also always between 120 – 240 Hz, which allows you to react even better to enemy attacks.

Of course, a resolution of up to 4K is also possible with some models, so you can see every last detail on the screen. In addition, every Acer Predator monitor features native G-Sync, which makes them the ultimate gaming experience when paired with an Nvidia graphics card. This is because everything runs without jerks and it also relieves the graphics card and reduces energy consumption.

In addition, the monitors of the Predator series are ergonomically very flexible and due to the narrow edge you can not only enjoy your games to the fullest, but also easily line up multiple screens. Furthermore, the monitors offer a lot of ports and even have integrated speakers.

Variant: Acer XB273KGP

  • 1ms
  • Headphone jack
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • Full HD
  • Brightness only 400 cd/m²

Variant: Acer Z35P

  • 21:9 at 35 inch
  • VA panel
  • 2 x 9 W speakers
  • 120 Hz overclocked
  • Brightness only 300 cd/m²

Acer VG271UP

Refresh rate
144 Hz
Response time

      Of course, Acer also offers a range of cheaper gaming monitors: The Nitro series. Especially the VG271 is a very good entry-level monitor and not only offers an IPS panel, but also a response time of 1 ms, a refresh rate of 144 Hz, HDR and at a Full HD resolution. Even though Nitro monitors tend to play into the hands of gamers, many models are also a good choice for everyday use. Thanks to features like Picture-in-Picture or Picture-by-Picture, multitasking is a breeze.

      Variant: Acer XV273

      • 240 Hz
      • Low input lag
      • HDR
      • No PIP or PBP

      Variant: Acer XV340CK

      • 34 inch with UWQHD resolution
      • HDR
      • VRR support
      • Mediocre contrast ratio