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Pivot monitors

Perfect for text processing

A monitor in landscape format is what you know from your own everyday life and is also the common purpose. Therefore, a monitor whose screen can be rotated by 90° is not necessarily the model you look for when buying a new monitor.

However, the pivot function – also called portrait mode – has its right to exist and can find a place in many offices or on the gaming desk. In the latter case, the models are preferably used in the streaming area to be able to read the chat history. But a pivot monitor can also work wonders for common word processing, especially when you activate the additional reading mode.

The ProArt display from ASUS can score the most points in this category, since it brings along enormous advantages due to its general all-round capabilities alone. As a first alternative and inexpensive alternative, we recommend the Acer Nitro XF243YP, which is excellent as a gaming monitor should the pivot function not be needed for once. A 4K alternative is Dell’s S2721QS, which can be used wonderfully for word processing due to its high and clear resolution.

Best Pivot monitor: ASUS ProArt PA278CV

Refresh rate
Response time

The ProArt Display PA278CV from ASUS is becoming a real all-rounder due to its versatility. Even though it can only be used in gaming to a limited extent, it would be ideal as a pivot monitor on the desk and thus expand the setup with a very good screen.

The monitor can easily be rotated by 90° and can thus be used ideally for reading chat. However, a monitor with a portrait function can also easily find a place in a normal office and can be used there in many ways.

With its WQHD resolution and 75 Hz, it is also better positioned than many a Full HD monitor, which is why multitasking is no problem. The picture is also crystal clear, making the PA278QV ideal for reading texts and thus an ideal pivot candidate.

Top ergonomics: LG 27GN880 27GN880

  • 144 Hz
  • Ergo stand
  • High resolution
  • Wide viewing angle
  • No HDMI 2.1
  • No local dimming

The LG 27GN880 is a top monitor when it comes to ergonomics. The screen comes with an extra ergo-stand that can be screwed to the desk and can thus be rotated, tilted and adjusted in height in any direction. It even supports retracting and extending the monitor. Therefore, it can be individually adjusted to any user and task. This is why it’s our alternative choice for best pivot monitor.

Thanks to its 144Hz refresh rate, exceptional response times and low input lag, the LG monitor also offers impressive gaming performance. The high resolution of 2560×1440 makes it very suitable for office applications and other media as well. For graphic designers, it has a great HDR color space with exceptional DCI-P3 coverage, but it doesn’t get bright enough to bring out highlights. Furthermore, the contrast ratio is quite low and it lacks local dimming, which can improve black levels.

Portrait format in 4K: Dell S2721QS

  • 4K resolution
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Good ergonomics
  • Poor performance in dark rooms
  • Low contrast ratio

The Dell S2721QS is also a good choice, both for the home office and for gamers. However, it offers many fields of application, especially due to its adjustment options, and can therefore also be used very well as a pivot monitor.

In addition, there are interesting features like a 4K resolution as well as an almost perfectly covered sRGB color space, which will especially please people in creative professions. However, the Adobe RGB coverage is not quite as mature, which is why it is not suitable for professional tasks.

In addition, there is a good response time, VRR support with FreeSync and G-Sync and a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Pivot monitors in comparison

Best Pivot monitor
LG 27GN880 27GN880
LG 27GN880 27GN880
Dell S2721QS
Dell S2721QS
Size 27 Inch 27 Inch 27 Inch
Resolution WQHD (2560 x 1440px) WQHD (2560 x 1440px) UHD (3840 x 2160px)
Format 16:9 16:9 16:9
Refresh rate 75Hz 144Hz 60Hz
Response time 5ms 1ms 4ms
Display type Flat Flat Flat
G Sync
Contrast 1,078 : 1 1.000 :1 1300:1
Jack 3.5mm
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