HP Monitors

A well-equipped workplace with HP

Especially in the US, HP is represented in almost every office alongside Dell, because the company, which was founded in 1939, produces high-quality printers, PCs, and monitors that should not be missing in any workplace.

Meanwhile, HP has various monitor series in its range and no longer only serves open-plan offices and the home workplace, but also gamers with its OMEN series. Besides notebooks and desktop PCs, HP also offers specially developed monitors that score with a fast refresh rate and low response time. HP also offers a solid gaming monitor for gaming enthusiasts who do not have a large budget. Find the best HP monitors here at a glance.

For gaming enthusiasts

Refresh rate
Response time
  • high refresh rate up to 240 Hz
  • low response times
  • TN panel
  • eSport suitable
  • no 4K models

HP’s OMEN series is specifically designed for hardcore gamers who appreciate a high refresh rate and low response time. With the increasing popularity of video games, HP can now assert itself alongside other manufacturers and present very good gaming monitors.

The monitors of the OMEN series come in a Full HD or WQHD resolution, as well as Hertz numbers starting at 144 and can even reach 240 Hz, depending on the model. A response time of around 1 ms is also impressive and the monitors are equipped with AMD FreeSync as well as Nvidia G-Sync compatibility. Thanks to the predominantly installed TN panels, the monitors, combined with the other data, are also excellent for the eSports sector.

Variant: HP OMEN X

For gaming enthusiasts
  • up to 240 Hz refresh rate
  • On-screen controls
  • smaller color gamut

Variant: HP X24ih

  • 144 Hz
  • Low input lag
  • Good ergonomics
  • Few connection options
  • No HDR

HP EliteDisplay E243i
The business monitors

Refresh rate
Response time
  • IPS display
  • Micro-edge bezel
  • Can also be used as a pivot monitor
  • not all models with USB-C

The EliteDisplay business series is aimed at every user who appreciates a neat but versatile workplace. Due to the chic design of the HP monitors, they fit wonderfully on any desk, and the ultra-narrow edge also makes it easy to place several monitors next to each other to increase the work space. Thanks to DisplayPort, this can also be done easily and almost wirelessly via the daisy chain principle.

The EliteDisplays are perfect for everyday office use, especially due to their ergonomics, as they are flexibly adjustable and you can even use them in portrait format. Even curved monitors can be found in the series, but they then have a VA panel installed. The IPS panels of all other models deliver a razor-sharp and color-intensive picture.

HP 27F
The business monitors with FreeSync

Refresh rate
Response time
  • AMD-FreeSync
  • ultra-thin micro-edge display
  • ultra-wide viewing angle
  • no VESA mount
  • dark rooms

HP’s F-series is another business line that is relatively inexpensive, especially in small sizes. Even though most of the monitors in the series only have a Full HD resolution, they still offer a color-intensive picture, a good contrast, and a brightness of 300 cd/m² thanks to the built-in IPS panel.

Furthermore, the F models are also available in small sizes starting at 21.5 inches and are accordingly available for a small budget. Only the 27f model is available in a 4K resolution. Additionally, the monitors offer an average hertz of up to 75 Hz and a response time of less than 5 ms. The fact that HP’s F-series monitors also feature AMD FreeSync makes them suitable even for casual gaming.